My Corner..

My Corner..

Jun 14, 2012

'Empty Spaces'

I dream, I think, I wander here and there,
I often wonder, whether I should have any fear..
Elders taught us, 'We should learn from our mistakes',
But I feel they never knew, How much effort 'it' takes..
to first try hard and commit a mistake everytime,
And then try harder not to repeat that in your lifetime..

I talk, I laugh, I sing all around,
I express my feelings freely, Since I am not 'bound'..
Then people come to me and say 'Silence' is 'Gold',
I have just said what I felt.. How can they be so 'Cold'..!!
And when I am silent, They will call me 'Dumb',
And when I'm not, They will again have complains and come..

I do work, I do help, and I trust people without any doubt,
I love, I care, and I know its not something to blab about..
But here too.. people doubt my ability to judge,
They have their own point of view and they make a fuss..
In their opinion, for many decisions, I am far too young,
But, If I start acting childishly.. Will someone hold 'their' tongue??

Oh God! I don't know what to say, What to do,
I cant make out, where to go.. when I feel 'low'..
Even though I decide to ignore whatsoever I hear,
What will I do, If there comes a moment when I would like to disappear..!!!
I, of course, cannot loose, to all those 'fake' faces,
Its me only who has to find out.. What shall be done to fill the 'Empty Spaces'..