My Corner..

My Corner..

Jul 10, 2013


Its rightly said, 'We had nothing when we first came to this world',
We could have led a happy life.. We could have been living like a free bird..
But Alas!! Right from the time we are born.. we have many people to satisfy,
And the 'Irony' is, they are never content.. no matter how hard you try..

Well.. Life goes on.. and so the expectations also go on endlessly increasing,
BCoz.. most of the people we meet, get attached to us through an invisible string..
That String of Friendship, That string of love,
That String of relationship, which forces them to look upon us..

Still we move on.. Carefully holding all those delicate threads,
Those of us who can't do the same.. are bound to face many threats..
But there comes a time, when even the most responsible can't hold it anymore,
As the burden of those expectations, goes on increasing.. more and even more..

One cannot be super human.. Every one has his/her own faults,
We can make our own decisions and no one has got the right to pass taunts..
Advises are always welcome.. sometimes they guide us through our path,
But putting up a pile of Rights and Wrongs before us is worth a wrath..

I often wonder..Why is it so, that life is no longer fun??
Why is everyone running so hard, just to defeat the other one!!
Why can't one be satisfied ever, Why do we need appraisals or appreciations?
And above all.. Why this whole world, looks upon us with so many expectations!!