My Corner..

My Corner..

Aug 3, 2014

Happy Friendship Day..:)

Sometimes there are some feelings we need to share..
& its really lucky to have someone always ready to hear..
Hidden for so long  in a corner of your heart..
And we even do not know from where to start.. :P

They listen calmly to all our nonsense..
Our Sadness is gone just by their presence,
They even support us to talk more and more..
you feel real happiness in your deep heart's core.

They are in your heart, no matter they live how far..
Are you still wondering who they are!!!
They are your confidante, They are your friends..
They are those 'essential' Vitamins every one recommends!

In your neighborhood, school, college or workplace..
Everywhere you can find some friends.. hard to 'replace'.
They have a special place in your life.. where they are gonna stay..
For all those Awesome n Weird friends out there, A very Happy F' ship Day..:)