My Corner..

My Corner..

Sep 26, 2015

I tried!!!

You should believe me when I say I tried..
coz that might have been the only thing, I could have done in those circumstances!!
You should trust me when I say I will be by your side..
Though I may be of very little help at that time, to increase your winning chances!!
Because, it is my desire to be a helping hand that counts..
And whatever happened.. I am not the one you should denounce!!

"Blaming" someone else for all your mistakes..
Is one of the easiest task for anyone in the world to do!!
But that is the reason for many heart breaks..
And whether you believe it, or not dear, it is very true!!
Because, it may not matter to you how the other person feels..
But, those wishes do matter which their troubled heart reveals..

"Yelling" pointlessly over random things..
Is not something that would be of much help either!!
Because, loud voices do have stings..
And they seem to draw apart people from each other!!
You won't even understand that just because of it people have died..
And I can not force you to is you who has to decide !!

Sep 20, 2015

Ma-Papa :)

And when I see their smiling faces.. I can think of nothing else..!!
Like the sun shining forever and like the true magic spells!!
What all you have done for me.. may not even fit in this rhyme..

I can just say that I had one of my best Birthdays this time!!