My Corner..

My Corner..

Jan 22, 2016


"You are quite 'well-settled' and 'successful'", said my elders..
"Enjoy your life and Don't take any risk", were their two cents;
But, I couldn't explain to them that 'Enjoyment' comes with 'risks'..
As, receiving a lesson from young ones, undoubtedly 'pricks';

I chose to go against the norms and try for something I 'dreamt'..
Deciding to become a student again was just my first attempt;
Everyone around me seemed sceptical, but I had already started..
The End seemed far away.. but, it was something I really wanted;

I think, I knew that I would feel, what I am presently feeling..
But, just the thought of 'learning' made the idea so 'appealing';
I still hope for several chances to have my dream fulfilled..
Because, I know I can do that and with that thought I am thrilled;

If I tell the truth, I would say that I am really very scared..
For what is about to happen next, because after all, I have dared..
To break the shackles of comfort, which held me unto this moment..
When I discovered my own 'thinking' was my major opponent;

I just want to pray to God that this excitement never ends..
Though I am scared, but I am willing to travel to deep bends;
Maybe that sounds 'risky' or maybe even a little bit ridiculous..
But, that is something  which has given me a great impetus;