My Corner..

My Corner..

Aug 2, 2017

My biggest fear

Living a life with no purpose, having no dream to follow...
I fear that this could be me, and I want to avoid that hollow!
I know it is better to conceal some thoughts deep inside...
But, what if you are not up to it.. and it's too difficult to hide?

Well.. then someone tells you.. these obstacles in life are for your own good...
and you can just nod your head, smile and say, Yes! I definitely understood!
But in your mind.. you are still brooding over all possibilities...
You set aside thoughts of Failures.. and think of promising opportunities!

That "Hope" of conquering the whole world is something that keeps you going...
It helps you face everything, be it something you were not at all hoping!
Losing that "Hope" to win in my life is what I fear the most!
I am confident to take care of the rest while moving from pillar to post.

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